Celebrating 16 years in the Canberra region!

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Located centrally in Fisher, Pups4Fun's Out n' About Daycare service is highly sought after in Canberra. Our dog daycare program offers a unique and exceptional adventure for your furry friend. With our experienced and knowledgeable team, your dog will have a fantastic day out at our specially designed private dog parks and thrilling adventures around Canberra.

Our facilities, including PupsDam with its expansive beach area for swimming and running, and PupsPark, a doggy Disneyland, provide ample opportunities for fun and exercise. In addition to enjoyment, we focus on training and behavior throughout the day to ensure your dog becomes a well balanced canine.

Join Pups4Fun for an extraordinary dog daycare experience where your canine companion will be pampered, entertained, and nurtured.


If you're looking for a social and engaging dog daycare option on the Northside, look no further than our Social Dog Daycare. Dogs who enjoy the company of their furry friends will have a blast here.

Our Northside Neverland facility features expansive turfed areas for running and playing, large sandpits for digging, and equipment for climbing. Whether your dog prefers non-stop play, focused training, or a relaxing snooze, we provide shaded areas and protection from the elements.

Our dedicated Canine Crew, with their wealth of experience, will provide excellent care for your dog throughout the day. We prioritise behaviour training focusing on skills like recall through distraction, impulse control, and appropriate socialisation.


Looking for the best puppy daycare in Canberra? With convenient locations in Weston Creek and Belconnen, we provide easy and enjoyable care for your puppy.

At Pups4Fun, we prioritise building strong, resilient, confident, and well-behaved puppies who become exceptional community canine citizens. Our unique program focuses on daily training activities and exercises that stimulate puppies' brains, fostering curiosity and confidence. Basic training including recall, sit, drop, and impulse control are also part of our training curriculum.

Our puppy and dog daycare program is based on our tagline: PLAY PAMPER BALANCE. We understand that balance is crucial for a dog's overall well-being. Therefore, we ensure the right blend of training time, playtime, and pampering to create a harmonious and fulfilling experience.


Discover the ultimate solution for busy dog owners seeking a lively and sociable environment for their energetic pups at Pups4Fun Playgroups. Our playgroups provide a range of activities that allow dogs to socialise with their furry peers and human companions while their owners are at work. With a strong focus on promoting good walking manners and impulse control, our playgroups offer a structured and enjoyable setting for dogs to learn and have a blast.

Our Pups4Fun Playgroups operate on Fridays, with pick up and drop off, a one hour structured walk then one hour of off lead play in one of our specially designed private dog parks.

Our playgroups welcome sociable dogs of all breeds and sizes. We foster a positive and supportive environment where dogs can learn and improve their behavior, benefiting from the interaction and guidance of other well-behaved dogs.

If you're a busy dog owner in search of a reliable and enriching solution for your furry companion, look no further than Pups4Fun Playgroups.

Pups4Fun Grooming Canberra and Queanbeyan


Pups4Fun is Canberra’s first membership based grooming salon. This exciting approach to dog grooming allows our members to be rewarded for their loyalty and dedication to their dogs wellbeing.

Our VIP Members Club allows owners whose dogs get groomed minimum 10 weekly to have a set schedule of grooms booked for the entire calendar year on their preferred day and time. These priority bookings are then set for the year so you don’t miss out on bookings during peak periods. The membership includes a number of complimentary services including three free baths and unlimited nail clipping to keep your dog well pampered. VIP members also receive discounted grooming prices.

Our highly trained team of bathers and stylists provide expert and quality care for your dog, with a service to suit their needs. We can work with anxious dogs who need that little bit more extra attention, and groom dogs of all sizes and breeds.

We also have our very popular Bath n' Bolt service (bath and towel dry) after daycare days, or drop in service between 4pm-5pm Monday to Friday.


Pups4Fun's Training Classes are held across three great facilities in Canberra. Our experienced team will provide you with practical training solutions to allow you to achieve the liveable dog that you have always wanted. We bring together experience through advanced education, as well as working with over 1,100 dogs and owners a week.

Our team continually refine their skills and knowledge, seeking out the best techniques and solutions to suit all dogs, and all owners abilities and lifestyles. We want to help you to create a dog that you can take anywhere, and can fit into your life easily.

Our Canberra Dog Training facilities including indoor locations for puppy classes in Fisher and Belconnen, and large outdoor training yards in Belconnen.

Training is for life, so we provide classes after your initial puppy classes to ensure we can set those behaviours and skills in place for life. You can also team up your dog training class with socialisation in our Puppy Daycare.

Our Happy Clients

Carina and Sushi
I am so thankful for Pups 4 Fun and their fantastic services. Our pup has so much fun at specialised daycare and we have seen tremendous improvements in her behaviours in only the first few weeks. This paired with a super easy online booking system, convenient drop-off/pickup procedures, and daily photo updates - I really can't recommend this business enough!
Sue and Eddie
Best thing we have ever done putting Eddie into their daycare group as a puppy and then having him graduate to the out and about playgroup. He gets so excited when his day arrives and he cannt contain himself singing and barking all the way to Fisher! He has had the benefit of many dogs of different sizes, breeds and personalities to play with. The interactions and guidance from the expert staff who keep them entertained all day has been amazing and he is now a well socialised 2 year old! Thank you Pups4Fun for your input and care all year!
Sarah and Royce
Pups4Fun has made a world of difference to the lives of both my pup and my partner and I. Our pup has been through both the daycare and the out and about and he absolutely loves his time there.
Sharon and Echo
I love Pups4fun, but more importantly my beautiful German shepherd Echo loves it!! He’s been going fortnightly since he was 14 weeks old. Firstly starting on specialised day care and then growing so fast he now goes to out and about. Echo has his favourite doggo friends and gets excited about the car ride there all the time. I love to see his reaction at drop off on the morning, it shows me that he trusts and loves the staff and enjoys every moment he’s there. I’m also going to use the grooming facilities for him too , so much “German shepherd glitter” around and now we know that Sophie is there at the salon there’s another awesome reason to keep pups4fun as a regular appointment in our calendar.
Liz and Hank
Pups4Fun has been so good for Hank (lab puppy). He loves the play time with other pups and his training. Best of all he comes home exhausted! The team are professional, caring and most of all fun! Highly recommend this team.
Jess and Millie
Millie absolutely loves going to Pups4Fun. They always take excellent care of her and she looks and smells fantastic after a groom. The staff and facilities are first class. They incorporate training into all their activities and this has helped my pup grow into a confident and happy dog. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Heidi and Max
Pretty much everything😀. Our Corgi, Max, loves to go to day care and over the years has learned so much. Their grooming services are also excellent. We recommend Pups4Fun to everyone (and do so on a regular basis). Thanks, Pups4Fun for being there!
Diann and Charlie
When we drop Charlie off at Pups4fun, we absolutely trust that he is in a safe environment and well looked after by a professional team who love our pup as much as we do. Each week, he literally jumps out of the car and hops along the path on his back two legs, into the arms of amazing staff. Besides developing important behavioural skills, he loves being off lead, the agility activities, swimming and interacting with other pups. Pups4fun is an incredible dog daycare program that we highly recommend to other pups along with all of the unique services that it has to offer.
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