Rhiannon Beach (founder of Pups 4 Fun) has many years experience working with and handling dogs.

Rhiannon began Pups 4 Fun after owning a beloved Jack Russell named Molly. It was this experience that lead Rhiannon to strive to provide dogs with what they need to live happy, balanced lives.

Rhiannon is interested in dog psychology and continues to learn from world renowned dog psychologists and trainers.
Some (not all!) of them include:
-Patricia McConnell, PhD and Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist,
-Dr. Stanley Coren author of many scientific publications and books,
-Cesar Millan from the hit TV show The Dog Whisperer,
-Victoria Stilwell from the UK TV show It’s Me or the Dog
-Jan Fennell author of The Dog Listener.

Wide research and understanding dog behaviour enables Rhiannon and the team at Pups 4 Fun to provide all dogs with exercise, discipline and affection to help them be happy, healthy and balanced.

“The dog is man’s best friend, he has a tail on one end. Up in front he has teeth and four legs underneath”
Ogden Nash