Our Pups4Fun team members have an extensive background in rescue including foster care of both dogs and cats, volunteer pound behaviour assessors and fundraising and marketing work.

We offer discounted behaviour consults to foster groups including ACT Rescue and Foster (ARF) and Labrador Rescue, and have donated our time and services to a number of groups including Delta Society, Greyhound Rescue and Herd2Homes.

Christmas Care Packages 2016

Pups4Fun are pleased to launch our 2016 Christmas Care Packages for rescue groups.

Our Pups4Fun staff are all passionate about rescue dogs and as many of us are foster carers we noticed that foster carers often have to use their own money to purchase training and enrichment tools to help dogs with behaviour issues, or just dogs who need something to do.

This year we are raising money to purchase training equipment such as treat pouches, tugs, long lines and quality leads and collars, as well as enrichment tools like kongs and treat puzzles for local foster carers.

We have been selling handmade snuffle mats, puff balls and tugs to raise the funds, the profits of which will all go into the kitty to purchase these tools.  Our charity items for sale are all handmade by our staff who have donated their time to make them.

You can support our work by purchasing any of our charity items either at Pups4Fun HQ or at one of our upcoming events or you can purchase anything from our training and enrichment range to donate to the tree.