Make your morning drop offs easier by setting up direct debit through Ezidebit

How does it work?

Each Friday Pups4Fun will invoice all appointments for that week and enter them into Ezidebit.  This can include any services your dog attends including grooming, dog walking, dog daycare and even nail clipping.  The invoiced amount is then deducted from your account on the Monday of the week after your services are rendered.

What happens if I cancel a service?

Because we don’t invoice until the end of the week, any cancelled services will not be invoiced. **Pending any cancellation fees for short notice**

Are there any fees involved?

Yes, your bank will charge a fee depending on whether you use a bank account or credit card.  Your bank may also charge a fee if your payment is dishonoured due to insufficient funds.

What are the benefits?

By setting up Ezidebit you don’t have to wait around to pay for your dog in the mornings or bring your card with you.  Just drop them off and go.