Dog Training Classes

Pups4Fun dog training classes are held across three great facilities in Canberra.  Our experienced team will provide you with practical training solutions to allow you to achieve the liveable dog that you have always wanted.  We bring together experience through advanced education, as well as working with over 800 dogs and owners a week. 

Our team continually refine their skills and knowledge, seeking out the best techniques and solutions to suit all dogs, and all owners abilities and lifestyles.  We want to help you to create a dog that you can take anywhere, and can be that perfect piece of your life.  

Our Canberra Dog Training facilities including indoor locations for puppy classes in Fisher and Belconnen, and large outdoor training yards in Belconnen.  Training is for life, so we provide classes after your initial puppy classes to ensure we can set those behaviours and skills in place for life.  You can also team up your dog training class with socialisation in our Puppy Daycare.

Once you have booked your initial class, the classes will reoccur each week on the same night at time for the designated weeks.  We’ll provide you with some great training information to get you started before class, and that will continue to see you through whenever any unwanted behaviours crop up.  We also have a owners group where you can ask questions and get great training information.  Make sure you bring good training treats to class such as cut up Prime 100 roll, cooked chicken or hot dog.  We also have treat pouches, training aids and long lines for sale.

See below to book online or check availability at each of our locations.

pups4fun southside
puppy classes

Located in Fisher, Weston Creek, our puppy classes have everything you need to get started with your new puppy.

pups4fun northside
puppy classes

Located in Holt, Belconnen, our large indoor facility and great trainers will provide your puppy with a great start.

canberra dog hub
beginner / adult classes

Located in Holt, Belconnen, our large outdoor training yards provide great continuation of training and fun for your dog.