New Client Information

New Client Information - Daycare services

Thank you for your booking for Pups4Fun services.  With over 16 years of experience in the Canberra region we are excited to welcome you and your dog to our community.

All the information you should need is listed below, but if you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected] 


  • Please ensure that your dog is wearing a well fitted collar with identification for any daycare services.  This is a requirement under the ACT Code of Practice for Daycare facilities;
  • Harnesses are not permitted to be worn during daycare services;
  • Please only bring your dog if they are in good health.  Keep your dog at home if they exhibit vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, lameness, or just seem unwell.  Just as we take a break when unwell, dogs need that too;
  • Fitness and health is a very important part of being a daycare dog.  Overweight dogs can struggle, especially in the warmer months.  If you have a brachycephalic or short muzzled breed, elderly or overweight dog, talk to our team for any advice to keep your dog safe;
  • Please ensure you toilet your dog prior to entering Pups4Fun facilities, especially before they get on vans.  This makes for a cleaner and nicer experience for all dogs;
  • You can send your own training treats to daycare if your dog has dietary issues, alternatively we use kibble for training throughout the day;
  • Dogs can attend daycare services until 7mths of age while entire.  After that age they will need to take a break from daycare until desexed.
  • Please contact us at [email protected] as soon as possible if your dog can not attend.  We have a 24hr cancellation policy.


  • Payments for daycare services are made via Ezidebit, our direct debit service.  Payments are deducted on the Monday AFTER your service has been rendered, so if you are not here you are not charged and you are not locked in to anything.
  • Your Ezidebit invite must be accepted prior to any daycare services occurring.

During the day

  • We take photos of what our dogs get up to during the day and post an album for each of our daycare services.  To check out what your dog has been up to, join the Pups Parents Private Group here
  • All of our services have a behaviour base, and we work on basic training throughout the day including recall;
  • Our Out n’ About Daycare dogs will attend any of our amazing private locations including PupsPark, PupsDam, Northside, the Hub or will go on outings around Canberra to practice their skills in public.  We visit places including Kingston Foreshore, the War Memorial, Parliament House and many of Canberra’s beautiful bush walking tracks.

End of day

  • Our PupsCrew will give you feedback about your dog at the end of the day.  If you miss feedback for any reason or need further explanation, please feel free to get in contact with us;
  • We can arrange for your dog to have a Bath n’ Bolt (bath and towel dry) on their return from daycare (Southside only at this time) so they are clean when picked up.  Book via our admin team or at drop off;
  • We also offer discounted prices through our Scrub Club Membership for dogs who need a weekly bath.

Out n' About Daycare

Drop off: 0730-0830hrs
Pick up: 1700-1800hrs
(Fri pick up 1630-1730hrs)

Specialised Daycare - Fisher

Drop off: 0730-0830hrs
Pick up: 1630-1800hrs

Social Dog Daycare

Drop off: 0730-0830hrs
Pick up: 1630-1800hrs

Specialised Daycare - Holt

Drop off: 0730-0830hrs
Pick up: 1630-1800hrs