New Clients

New Clients

Pups4Fun welcomes New Clients for our dog daycare, grooming and training services.  We do often reach capacity with our services, but we hold wait lists where we can and new spaces open regularly for daycare and training services.

Dog Daycare

Puppies under 6mths of age can book straight into our Specialised Daycare using the link below.  

Dogs over 6mths may require an introductory meeting prior to taking part in services. There may be a waiting period based on our capacity to take new dogs at the time. Please complete the New Client Enquiry Form via the link below, and our team will be in touch.

Dog Grooming

dog grooming canberra

As a Membership based grooming salon we are booked up 12mths in advance with our VIP members. Our groomers do open ad hoc grooming spaces up to two weeks in advance via our online portal.

We recommend checking availability on the portal if you require ad hoc grooming, or go on the wait list for membership or last minute spaces below

Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes at Fisher and Belconnen can be booked online using the link below.

Puppy Classes are designed for puppies under 5mths of age. After that age we recommend our Adolescent classes which will commence again in March 2024.