Puppy Classes

Pups4Fun Puppy Class Training Package

$ 299
  • Four weeks of fun learning for your puppy
  • 12mth access to our Online Puppy Training Course (Value $149)
  • Free day of socialisation and training in our Specialised Daycare (Value $77)
  • Access to our Puppy Class Owners group on Facebook

Welcome to Pups4Fun Puppy Classes in Weston Creek and Belconnen
Are you looking for top-notch puppy training and socialisation classes in Weston Creek and Belconnen? Look no further! At Pups4Fun, we provide comprehensive puppy classes designed to give your furry companion the best start in life.

Why Choose Pups4Fun Puppy Classes?
Experienced Trainers: Our team of socialisation experts bring years of experience and knowledge in raising perfect puppies.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Our four-week puppy classes cover socialisation, confidence building, loose leash walking, basic obedience, and addressing common behaviour issues.
Online Training Support: Continue learning at home with our online puppy training package, which includes bonus material on common behaviours like mouthing, jumping up, and house training.
Socialisation and Training Boost: Receive a free day of training and socialisation with our expert team in Specialised Daycare, valued at $77.

Benefits of Puppy Training with Pups4Fun
Effective Training Techniques: Empower yourself and your puppy with proven training methods.
Confidence and Social Skills: Our classes help your puppy build confidence and social skills that will benefit them for life.
Explore New Environments: Practice skills in various settings, meet new people, and adapt to new environments.

Class Details
Duration: Four weeks of 1hr classes
Activities: Enjoy dedicated socialisation sessions, Q&A opportunities, and engaging activities like using the slat mill and playing on equipment.
Indoor and Outdoor Training: Train in both indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring a well-rounded experience. Puppies train at night and in various weather conditions (where safe) to build confidence.

Who Can Join?
Our puppy classes are specifically designed for puppies aged 8 to 20 weeks. This critical period is essential for their development and socialisation. Enrol in Pups4Fun Puppy Classes, and set your puppy up for a lifetime of success.

Online Puppy Training Package
Our online training package complements the in-person classes, covering all the skills learned and additional topics like common puppy behaviors.

Socialisation and Training Bonus
Receive a free day in our Specialised Daycare where your pup will get a huge boost in socialisation with other puppies, expert training and confidence building

Enroll Today!
Join Pups4Fun Puppy Classes in Weston Creek and Belconnen to achieve a happy well rounded puppy. Enroll now and give your puppy the best start in life!

IMPORTANT: There are no make up sessions for missed classes. Our classes have staggered start dates and run at capacity, which does not allow for make up sessions.  Please be sure that you or a family member can attend each session. There is no refund for missed sessions. Once booked, training blocks can not always be rescheduled to other dates.

REFUNDS:  Pups4Fun will only offer a refund if the service is cancelled, rescheduled or otherwise altered by the seller, or to the extent otherwise required by law (including Australian Consumer Law)

Puppy Class

TUESDAYS: 6:15-7:15PM
WEDNESDAY: 6:15-7:15PM
THURSDAYS: 6:15-7:15PM

Puppy Class

THURSDAYS: 6:15-7:15PM
SATURDAYS: 8:00-9:00AM, 9:30-10:30AM

Puppy Class FAQ's

It is important for puppies to start safely socialising outside the home as soon as they are eight days past their first vaccination. Puppies have a critical learning period of 6-16 weeks where they can do up to 80% of their learning about the environment, other dogs and people.  There are lots of way to safely socialise your puppy without locking them up at home.  The risk of having an unsocialised and fearful older dog is generally a lot higher than the risk of virus or disease.

We recommend starting puppy classes as soon as you get your puppy, as long as they are eight days past their first vaccination.

Puppies can attend puppy class as long as they are eight days past their first vaccination.  Puppy class is designed for dogs aged 8-20 weeks.  If you puppy is older than 20 weeks, they can attend our Adolescent Classes.

Puppies can start attending class eight days after their first C3 vaccination. Prior to each class we clean with a virucidal disinfectant that kills the dangerous viruses that are of concern to puppies.  We ask that you also bring a mat for your puppy if you are concerned.

Bookings can be made online via the Check Availability and Book button. Choose your location and check availability, then Book Now. You will need to enter some information about yourself and your puppy, then pay via the invoice generated. Your class will not be confirmed until payment is made. Our system will hold your class for 48 hours without payment. If payment is not received within this timeframe, you will be removed from the class.

Unfortunately we generally can’t reschedule classes due to illness or inattendance as most of our classes are fully booked. We can however send you video links for all the exercises completed in the week you miss.

We have the vouchers on your file so you won’t need a physical voucher. You can either book online and pop in the notes that you would like to use the voucher, or just email or call us and we will book it in for you.   

All of our puppy trainers work day to day with dogs, or have experience and qualifications working with dogs….or both!  Our team complete an extensive in house puppy class instructors training module, as well as many hours of hands on training and mentoring.  Many of our trainers also hold other qualifications including the Cert III in Dog Training and Behaviour, or Cert III in Animal Care.

Pups4Fun puppy classes will cover how to start training your puppy in basic life skills such as loose lead walking, sit and drop and beginning impulse control.  We also do socialisation activities, confidence building and desensitisation to objects.