Pups4Fun Training Class Information

Pups4Fun Puppy and Dog Training Class Information

Thank you so much for your booking with Pups4Fun Training. We are very excited to meet you and your pup!

With over 16 years of experience in the Canberra region, we are well versed in helping owners achieve their goals for the perfect pup to suit their lifestyle. We run a variety of classes including Puppy and Beginner Classes, and special interest classes such as Scent Work.

Our classes are held at Pups4Fun at Fisher (Puppy Classes), Pups4Fun Northside (Puppy and Adolescent Classes) 

Class Information

  • Classes run for one hour, with time both during class and after for questions;
  • We allow for two attendees per dog, if you need to bring additional attendees please just let us know;
  • Please do not bring your puppy if they are showing any signs of illness.  We are generally unable to offer make up classes as we usually operate at capacity, but options are available to purchase the add on video package or you can attend without your puppy to learn the skills and information;
  • Children are more than welcome to attend and participate in our classes.  We ask that you ensure that children are supervised and ensure they respect the space of other pups in the class.


  • Bring your puppy or dog on a well fitted collar or harness, with a 5-6ft lead.  We DO NOT allow retractable leads in class.
  • Please bring a towel, blanket, or mat for your puppy – this will be their place to relax during class.
  • Ensure you have a large pouch of high value treats such as chicken, devon or meat roll.  We recommend Prime 100 roll cut into cubes.
  • We highly recommend purchasing a treat pouch to use while your puppy is in class, or you take them out in public.  We sell pouches at any of our venues, or you can purchase online. A pouch will be a great investment for your training journey.
  • Do not feed your dog prior to training class. We recommend using their meal food allowance for training.

Prior to your first class

  • Please watch this video on Luring and Marking your puppy.  This will set your puppy or dog up to understand when they are doing the right thing and will be rewarded. Having a dog that responds immediately to the marker word will mean you can train them quickly and easily and provide much needed clarity and communication. If you can practice your marker word at home before class and achieve ‘marker recognition’, it will set you up for an easier introduction to class.


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