Specialised Daycare
Specialised Daycare
Specialised Daycare

Pups4Fun’s Specialised Daycare is Canberra’s longest serving puppy daycare facility. With two locations, (Weston Creek and Belconnen), we make it easy to socialise your puppy.

We put a large focus on building strong, resilient, confident and well behaved puppies. The perfect community canine citizens! Our unique program includes daily training and lots of activities to work a puppies brain, and teach them to be curious and confident. This might include habituation to different objects and sounds, meeting different people and doing lots of climbing, balancing and exploring. We also do basic training working to build a strong association with a marker word ‘yes’, and their name. We work on skills such as recall, sit and drop and impulse control.

Our puppy and dog daycare puts an emphasis on our tagline of PLAY PAMPER BALANCE. Balance is the key to providing for a dogs wellbeing, through setting the right amounts of training time, play time and even pamper time.  

What about play? Well there will be plenty of that too!

Well known puppy behaviour expert Dr Ian Dunbar suggests puppies should meet at least 100 people and dogs in their critical learning period of 8-16wks. Make it happen with Pups4Fun Specialised Daycare. 

A Typical Day at Specialised Daycare:

7:30am-8:30am – Dogs are crated in the morning till all dogs have arrived. This ensures that we can fully supervise the dogs while playing and means that we don’t have to have nervous dogs enter into a large group of dogs.

9:00amMorning Activity Session – In the morning session we play more high energy games as everyone comes in ready and rearing to go. We monitor play between individual dogs and have controlled ball games and interactions.

11amMorning Training Session – Our morning session includes brain games, food puzzles and individual training. This includes basic obedience, crate training and impulse control training.

12pmRest Session – During this time dogs can rest after their morning sessions and have plenty of time for cuddles. Rest time teaches your dog to be calm around other dogs and encourages impulse control

1pmAfternoon Activity Session – In the afternoon session low energy games are played, giving everyone time
to wake up after their rest.

3:30pmAfternoon Training Session – In the afternoon we go over some of the training learned in the morning. During this time we do desensitization work, with both sounds and objects.

4:30pm – Dogs start to head home and each dog says their goodbyes until next time.

 *The day maybe adjusted to suit the group of dogs on the day. Changes might include more rest breaks for puppies or less interaction for senior dogs or those recovering from surgery.

Price:  $67 per day **A price increase to $77 will apply from Monday 1 July 2024**

 Open Southside: Monday to Friday from 7:30am-6:00pm. Open Northside: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:30am-6:00pm.