Welcome to Pups4Fun Playgroups, the perfect solution for busy dog owners looking for a fun and socializing environment for their energetic pups. Our playgroups offer a range of activities, allowing dogs to socialize with other dogs and people while their owners are at work. With a focus on good walking manners and impulse control, our playgroups provide a structured and enjoyable setting for dogs to learn and have fun.

Operating on Fridays, our Pups4Fun Playgroups offer convenience and flexibility. We start by picking up your furry friends from home in our Pups mobile between 7:30 – 9:30 am. The morning session is dedicated to on-lead walking, promoting leash walking skills and teaching dogs to remain calm around other dogs. This supervised exercise helps them develop proper walking etiquette and behavior.

Next, we take them to our purpose-built PupsPark, an exclusive dog play area designed for off-leash activities. At PupsPark, your dogs can run, play, chase, and explore to their heart’s content. We’ve equipped the park with agility equipment, three giant sandpits, a pool area, and even a race track, ensuring there’s plenty of space and excitement for every pup.

Our playgroups are open to sociable dogs of all breeds and sizes. While we don’t provide specific leash training for each dog, they often learn from their peers in the group, which helps address most on-leash issues. We create a positive and supportive environment where dogs can learn and improve their behavior, benefiting from the interaction and guidance of other well-behaved dogs.

If you’re a busy dog owner seeking a reliable and enriching solution for your furry companion, look no further than Pups4Fun Playgroups. Our playgroups offer the perfect balance of exercise, socialization, and learning, ensuring your dog has a fantastic time while you’re away. Join us and give your pup the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy stimulating activities, and develop essential leash manners. Contact us today to book your spot in our exciting Pups4Fun Playgroups.

**We are currently not taking any new bookings for our Playgroup service**