Social Dog Daycare

Our Social Dog Daycare on the Northside is a great option for dogs who love to be social with friends.  With things to climb on, plenty of room to run and an experienced team of staff, all the dogs will have a fantastic day out.

On the Southside we have our Disneyland for Dogs, and on the Northside we are recently finished renovations on our Northside Neverland.  With large turfed areas to run and play, huge sandpits for digging and equipment to climb on…plus the new blue lagoon!  Some dogs love to play the day away, while others love training or even just taking a snooze.  We have plenty of shaded areas and protection from the elements.

Our experienced team of Canine Crew will ensure your dog is well cared for during the day.  We have a behaviour focus in all our services and will practice skills such as a strong recall through distraction, impulse control and appropriate socialisation during the day.  We use lots of positive reinforcement to build a great relationship while also teaching boundaries and rules.

Social dog daycare is a great option for many different breeds and types of dogs.  We have a large facility and plenty of room to match dogs up with their new best friends.

Social dog daycare operates Monday to Friday with drop off between 0730-0830 and pick up between 1630-1800hrs.  The cost is $77 per dog with a minimum fortnightly booking.

For more information, please email us at [email protected] or you can book online below.